Basteltipps von Bärenpresse

handicraft aids

All the cut-out sheets from the bear press come complete with
Instructions and accessory bags supplied. In addition, we offer here
a good cutting tool. Especially with extensive handicraft work
a paper knife does a good job and produces more precise results.
Have a look under accessories.

craft tips

After all these years of tinkering, we have some tricks and tricks
find out that can make your handicraft life easier. On this
page we reveal some of them.

Cardboard reinforcement

* The reinforcement causes the figure to become more dimensionally stable and
move the individual limbs without any problems due to the greater weight
* First roughly cut out the parts with scissors, then on one
Glue cardboard of about the same thickness and clean with scissors or paper knife
cut out.
* Not all parts may be reinforced! (e.g. definitely not the
Strengthen the dragon's tail) ((special tip for Claudia)). The
Handicraft instructions must be read carefully.

The cut edges

* The raw edges look best when blackened
become. You can do this with a black felt pen or brush
and ink. (It's a lot of work but worth it).

The adhesive

* Glue sticks, water-soluble glue, tile glue, hot glue etc.
you should probably leave it in the drawer. We already have a whole one
tried out a lot and came to the conclusion that UHU all-purpose adhesive
is the only satisfactory glue for our purposes. Unfortunately, this one has
Disadvantage that it runs, lubricates and smears. That always costs
some gray hairs.
* Incidentally, the Strampolino stone can also be glued with it.


Scissors and/or paper knife

* Small models can be scissored without major problems
be cut out. This is definitely for our young hobbyists
important. For the older hobbyists among us, I can do the cutting with the
Recommend paper knife. It is no problem to get into small corners,
or to cope with cutouts. In addition, the cut edges
nice and clean.

punch pliers

* The easiest and cleanest way to use your punch pliers
Make holes for the pattern clips and the threads. Who such
owns one or knows where to get one has the best cards.
* But it also works without! With a pointed object (scissors,
knives, eels, etc.) pierce the cardboard and rub open until the
optimal size of the hole is reached. Any bulges that may have formed

Sample clamps (joint clamps)

The sample clips must be attached in such a way that they are not closed by a
small hole to prevent their movement. In addition, must also at
Twisting the braces care should be taken that the limbs stretch without friction
move. One way to ensure this is as follows:

1. Put pattern clips through the holes.
2. Lay the whole thing on the table so that the pointed side of the clip
pointing up.
3. Use scissors to pretend to cut off the staple.
4. Bend the ends of the clip over the scissors.
5. Done!! The clip is now bent over so that it fits the limbs
plenty of wiggle room to move almost seamlessly.

The pattern staple tip (for Barbara)
People who just twist and pull will soon find that the
Pivot holes that pattern clips ride in, larger over time
and get bigger. This is because the staples hold the paper with their
scrub edges. You can use this cleaning mania of pattern clips like
follows reduce:

* Man/woman cuts before assembling the individual body parts
a thin straw into small slices that are roughly the thickness of the
correspond to two or more cardboard parts. These little tubes will
then slipped over the pattern clips and reduce the through their smoothness
Frictional resistance and thus also the abrasion considerably. Since the jungle band
is the only model with small sample clips and I have it
I haven't tried it with her yet, so I don't know if it's the same here
works. Try out!!?

Blunt Blades
Every blade eventually becomes dull. On the other hand, you can do the following:

1. Take the blade to the scrap dealer and buy a new one.
2. Put the blade under a pyramid and hope and believe...
3. The blade with great sensitivity and with the help of a fine
sharpen the whetstone.

These are some tips that come to mind right now. When you sign up with a
have tormented the problem and now say: " Ha! That's really easy
!", we would like to know and make it available to anyone who is curious.
So: Just send an email and out with the tips!!!

Have fun!

Dirk Lamp


To reinforce the holes I have the following tip:
In craft stores there is very stable self-adhesive foil (in
different strengths). Cut small squares with punch pliers
punch a suitable hole and glue it over the hole on the back of the cardboard,
(A tip from Andrea Reinhardt)

art machine
The artist Orenda creates art machines and has from our craft sheet
Snowman this creative art machine called "The Double Lottie"

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